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About Mojo

  • Status: Available for Sponsorship
  • Species: Horse
  • Current Age: 14 Years 5 Months (best estimate)

02/09/13 02/09/13 This afternoon's Design and Wine Event in Las Vegas was a resounding success! Our hardworking volunteers and Shiloh Mini Ambassadors Florecita and Mojo were a hit. Mojo did a great job!!!

12.10.12 We love visiting out in the community and Shiloh Mini Ambassadors Mojo and Baja were on their very best behavior.
Some of the residents had horses at one point in their life and seeing the little guys really brought back wonderful memories...Mojo was a hit, as usual!
We all really enjoyed ourselves and many residents later said that Mojo and Baja were their favorite visitors that they have had!

04.7.12 Mojo got stock trying to sneak into the gummie saloon.

03/09/12 Mojo now found a perfect spo where he can overlook where the best food is at the ranch. He climbed up on the pig house roof.

01/01/12 I caught Mojo being over dramatic over by the Blind Girls. I guess he wasn't getting enough attention and was considering ending it all... But, he pulled out of it and was later spotted eating all of the pig food over in the Pig Palace...

12/6/11 Mojo sighting! He was spotted trying to blend in with the Little Vacation Village horses...

11/29/11 Another Mojo, the sneak thief, sighting! This time he was spotted eating Equine Senior in Assisted Living...

10/16/11 Mojo was Rescue Horse of the week:


10/13/11 Mojo decided to stay busy by "helping" Sally clean out the Dispensary...

He proceeded to pull stuff out of the trash just in case she might have thrown something important away on accident...

Then he helped her organize containers. Good job Mojo, we all know how much Sally appreciated your "help"...

Later, Mojo was seen bragging to his friends about his helpfulness but Aztec did not look impressed...

10/4/11 Mojo, stealing hay from a Medical Unit.

07.28.11 Like always Mojo likes to help out with activities especially involving water buckets. Not always to volunteers satisfaction.

6/26/11 Mojo is a mascot of Shiloh, and he helps out every day with daily activities. Today he seemed to most likely have made a mess out in the pasture. He broke the water pipe to all of the wandering horses delight. The Wanderers took advantage of the situation and had some fun in the cool mud puddles and then rolled in the warm sand.

Arrived at Shiloh on 4/8/09. He was donated by a concerned horse lover who rescued him from a neglectful situation. At the time he was a stallion and suffered from Cryptorchidism (undescended testicles). Shiloh paid to have corrective surgery done on him prior to his arrival at the rescue. He is recovering very nicely and is quickly becoming a favorite!

Special Needs: In rehab

Other Pictures of Mojo (click to see larger version):

Mojo Mojo Mojo Mojo
Mojo Mojo Mojo Mojo
Mojo Mojo Mojo Mojo
Mojo Mojo Mojo Mojo
Mojo Mojo Mojo Mojo