Shiloh's Guardian Angel, Cherub and Sponsorship Programs

Shiloh is home to many many older horses and horses with special needs. Most were rescued from slaughter, abuse or neglect at an advanced age and are living out their golden years in the rescue. Feeding these special horses can be difficult and expensive, they need extra feed to stay healthy and strong- but with so many other horses also in the rescue, the older horse care can be a drain on our finances. So, we have created our Sponsorship Programs to help us help them. Guardian Angels and Sponsors can follow the exploits of the Gummies on their very own Facebook Page. We will also add your email to our list and you will receive photos of your sponsored Horse each week directly to your inbox.

One time or monthly donations are welcomed and appreciated! Mulitple Sponsors gives a horse a "Band of Angels".

Become a Horse Sponsor with Samaritan ($100.00/month) or Pasture Pal (any amount). 

 How to become a Guardian Angel, Cherub or Sponsor:

Checks or money orders may be mailed to:

Shiloh Charitable Trust
777 East Quartz Ave #9005
Sandy Valley, NV 89019  

Credit cards are also accepted over the phone, please call Jill at 702-480-8906.

Or use the Paypal link below to pay securely online now: 

Angel Horses: $60.00 per month, Cherubs: $30.00 per month:

Sponsor A Horse: Samaritan $100. Pasture Pal any amount:
Interested in setting up an automatic monthly donation? Subscribe here:
Sponsorship Options

These Horses have their Sponsors/Angels for this Month:

GA scar
Linda R.- Angel July 2014-May 2015

 SG ciento 
 Kelly G.- Angel          

 SG godspeed
Debbie A.- Angel  

 SG hawkeye
Mary S.-Angel
Carol S.- Cherub         
 SG pecos  
Sarah W.- Cherub
SG rusty 
Chrisy A.- Angel  
SG sully  
Bonnie MacCabe: G. Angel      

SG frisco
Thea H.- Angel             

SG jiggs
Joanie E.: Cherub 

SG kelso  

 Donna D: Angel                      

SG roy
Sue B: Angel

SG trucker                      
Karen G.- Angel     
SG eden    
Alaana W.- Angel         
SG Una
 Alaana W- Angel         

Chrisy and Debbie A.- Angels
Janice- Angel

SG shamrock  
Karen G.-Angel                    

SG levi
Chrisy and Debbie A.- Angels

 The following horses are still looking for their Sponsors/Angels
    GA new ga austin SG belmont  SG trace SG boone   SG una mas     SG woody    SG yep             



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