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Sponsoring a Shiloh Horse

"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!"

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Help feed the Shiloh Horses!

Our "Sponsor A Horse" program gives people an opportunity to help Shiloh support the cost of a rescue or sanctuary horse. Sponsors pay a chosen set amount of $25.00 per week and can sponsor for whatever length of time they choose.

This is a wonderful way for people who are not able, or willing, to actually adopt a horse, to still make a difference in the life of an unwanted, abused, neglected, or slaughter bound horse.

All sponsor donations will go directly toward the cost of feed, farrier care, and minor vet care for that particular horse. Sponsors are more than welcome to come out to the ranch to meet and to visit with their sponsored horse at anytime.

 How to Sponsor?

Sponsorships can be paid by an online credit card through Paypal, or by check.

To pay by credit card: Each horse has a sponsorship button on their page. Click on "Sponsor this animal" and click on the online links. It's as easy as that!

 Checks can be made out and mailed to:

Shiloh Charitable trus

2417 Hardin Ridge

Henderson, NV 89052 

*Please note which horse you would like to sponsor

Our sponsor financial donations are as follows:
$25.00 sponsors a horse for 1 week.
$50.00 sponsors a horse for 2 weeks.
$100.00 sponsors a horse for 1 month.
$200.00 sponsors a horse for 2 months.
$300.00 sponsors a horse for 3 months. 

All of us Shiloh, including all of the horses, Thank You for your generous support!