Shiloh's wish list

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give..."-Winston Churchill

These are items that our rescue always needs:

*Bags of "Equine Senior" feed, any brand. (This is the most needed item.)

*Bute and Banamine

*Alfalfa Hay Cubes from Two Hawk Ranch in Sandy Valley.

*Hay Feeders that hang on corrals (metal, plastic, whatever)

*Muck Buckets (for water), can be bought at Walmart for $5.99! Any large size tubs that can hold water will work! The 100 gallon water tubs from feed and tack stores are perfect for the pastures.

* 5 or 6 way Vaccines (Can be bought at most feed stores or online)

 *Wormers (Strongid and Ivermectin most needed.)

* Water hoses, can be used, but in good condition

* Water tank floats for the water buckets

*Psyllium (to help prevent sand colic in the rescue horses. Can be found in all feed and tack stores.)

*Shade Trees (Cottonwoods or Pine Trees) (A small tree will grow to shade a rescue horse. Can be found at any nursery.)

*Fly masks (available at all tack stores- regular horse size.)

*Salt blocks (plain salt or mineral blocks.)

*Fly spray (We need this, especially in the summer months!)

*Feed Buckets or Pans

*Used equipment (including winter blankets, fly sheets, grooming equipment, buckets, used tack, etc...)

*New or Used Winter Horse Blankets (all sizes needed, but sizes 78-80 will fit most of our horses)

*Hay (Grass mix or straight Alfalfa)

*Used pipe corral panels and shelters (any condition). We will pick them up.

*Building supplies (including plywood, split rail, 2X4's, shade cloth, tools, etc...)

*Feed Store Gift Certificates

*Loews or Home Depot Gift Certificates

*Wheelbarrows (New or Used, but inusable condition)

*Manure Forks


Big Ticket Dream List

("if you don't ask...")


Hay Shelter

A sling for horses (for the crippled guys while they have their hooves trimmed)

Used Golf Cart, ATV, or something similar that we can drive to feed, clean, and drag arenas and pastures

Mare Motel- any size






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