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Laramie is an older sweet guy who was rescued from the Fallon feedlot with the help of the FOBs.

We were told that he had been being used as a lesson horse before being dumped at the lot for slaughter. Laramie was very depressed at the time of his rescue, and very quiet. He had a very  sad face at the time of his rescue. He also had a small puncture by his eye that was becoming infected. It was really bothering him upon his rescue.

Laramie 2

4/17/07 We are still treating Laramie's eye and giving him some pain medicine- it is still bothering him a bit. He loves to be groomed- is still quite depressed, but will come around once he realizes he is safe.

laramie 4

Laramie being evaluated on 9/9/07. He is now available to the right home. Laramie still needs to gain some weight, but we are willing to let him go to a loving home to continue to be fattened up. He is looking for a quiet and loving home with some very light riding and alot of spoiling. He would be wonderful with children.

3/6/08 We have decided to keep Laramie at Shiloh and use him for some light lessons. This will keep him a bit active which will keep him stay healthy and limber. We think he will like a little light job and some extra attention. If the perfect home comes along, we might adopt him out, but we are not actively looking to place him.

Laramie and Stetson

6/14/08 Laramie and his best friend, Stetson hanging out in the Big Pasture.

Laramie 5

12/5/08 We have moved Laramie into the Gummie pen for a while to help him keep his weight up. He is eating Equine Senior daily and is doing well. The older guys just get to a point where they need the extra calories to stay healthy.

2/24/09 Laramie has entered Shiloh's Sanctuary where he will live out his life.

Laramie 6

3/13/09 Laramie is doing very well and has stayed at a healthy weight. He is now shedding out his winter coat and loves to be groomed!

Laramie bath

5/9/09 Laramie is still going strong out in the Gummies! Now that the weather has warmed up he is enjoying lots of baths from volunteers.

12/12/09 Laramie is still doing very well. His best friend is Priceless, he is keeping his weight up and seems very happy. He is now completely blind in his one eye, but other than that, is healthy.

Laramie looking good

8/1/09 Laramie is doing great, staying fat and healthy. He loves being groomed by the volunteers.

7/23/10 Laramie is mourning the loss of his friend, Priceless who died last week. We have moved him into the Gummies for s fresh start with new friends.

8/18/10 Laramie has made friends with Orlando in the Gummies.

9/16/10 We are watching Laramie closely, he is showing some signs of possible heart issues- swelling of his legs, irregular heart rythum, slight cough, lethargy- but he is eating well and still enjoying his time with his gummie friends. We are keeping him comfortable with Banamine as needed. We did move him into a barn stall for a day- but he was so unhappy that we made the decision to put him back into his herd. It looks like his age is just catching up with him...

11/11/10 Laramie is doing better, gaining some weight and responding to some heart meds.

Laramie july 2011

7/5/11 Laramie is doing great with his friends in the gummies.

Laramie is looking for a sponsor, please go HERE for more info.


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