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Ochocinco arrived at Shiloh on 5/28/10. This mare was found standing on the other side of our perimeter fence looking for food and water.

Ochocinco outside

Five days before she showed up, we were told that some power company workers saw some horses loose in the valley. We all looked, so did the surrounding ranches, but no horses could be found. Then this mare showed up, days later.

Ochocinco 2

She is very thin and was dehydrated when we found her. After some food, water and rest, she is settling in and is very friendly. She does have shoes on her front feet and muliple scars on her legs and body. We suspect that she (and other horses) were dumped in the desert by the owners. She also had some cactus spines in her legs.  

Ochocinco 3

She does have a brand on her hip which has the numbers 8 and 5- so we have named her Ochocinco (eightfive in Spanish).

Ochocinco alert

6/5/10 Ochocinco is filling out and is looking and feeling better. This will be a nice mare once she is back to health. She is very alert and interested in her suroundings, and love all the attention.

Ochocinco putting on weight

7/6/10 Ochocinco is gaining weight and enjoying turn outs. She is doing really well.

ochocinco eating

9/2/10 We have begon to work with, and evaluate Ochocinco.

Ochocinco pregnad

11/11/10 We eventually began to suspect that Ochocinco was pregnant and stopped her work. Our vet confirmed it and on 10/31/10 she gave birth to a healthy little colt, Cairo!


ochocinco and baby

ochocinco's baby3

 Look at those beautiful paintings on this little guy. Ochocinco is such a wonderful good mom, protecting and always by Cairo's side.

Ochocinco and cairo

11.23.10 Cairo soaked up some sun while dozing on his mom's breakfast...

Ochocinco new hoe

2/19/11 Happy news as Cairo is being adopted by Laura of Las Vegas. Ochocinco went with him to his adopted home and spent time until he was safely weaned from her. They are both looking great.

04.18.11 Ochocinco is back at Shiloh and will be evaluated and looking for a new home. She is doing great and will be a wonderful horse for the right person. For now she is looking for a sponsor, to check details go to her web page HERE.





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