Reporting Horse Abuse or Neglect in your Community

We receive many, many emails and calls monthly from citizens who are concerned about a horse in their neighborhood, boarding stable, or their county. As much as we would like to, Shiloh does not have the authority to go onto someone's property to check on the welfare of a horse (unless it is a former Shiloh Horse)..

If you are concerned- for the horse's sake, it is better to be safe than sorry. Please be that horse's voice and report your concerns. 

That being said, our Animal Control has been known to drop the ball- you MUST be persistant. Take photos if possible and email them to the AC, follow up on your phone calls.

NOTE: It IS a requirement for horses in Clark County to have access to shade. Sadly, shelter is NOT required in Nye County (the Pahrump area), although it SHOULD be.

From the Code of Ordinances for Clark County, NV:

"10.30.030 - Animals kept outdoors.

If animals are kept outdoors pursuant to NRS 574.380, an operator or breeder shall:

(a)Provide a suitable method for the rapid drainage of surface water from the area where each animal is kept.

(b)Provide each animal with a sufficient amount of shelter to:

(1)Remain dry from rain and snow; and protect from wind when a high wind warning has been issued by the National Weather Service or which creates a wind chill of less than fifty degrees Fahrenheit;

(2)Remain sufficiently cool when a heat advisory is issued by the National Weather Service, and at all times have enough shade to protect itself from any direct sunlight that is likely to cause overheating or discomfort; and

(3)Remain warm when the atmospheric temperature falls below fifty degrees Fahrenheit. If the ambient temperature falls below this temperature, the operator shall provide such an additional amount of clean bedding material or other protection as necessary for the animal to remain warm.

(c)After considering the ambient temperature, provide each animal with a sufficient amount of food and water necessary to sustain it in a healthy condition at that temperature."

If you are concerned about a horse that you have seen, here is contact information for Animal Control in your area:

Clark County Animal Control (702) 455-7710, website. Acting Supervisor of Enforcement is Greg Wallen, email

The City of Henderson Animal Control (702) 267-4970, website 

North Las Vegas Animal Control (702) 633-1750, website

Nye County Animal Control (775) 751-6315, website

Now, for the harsh reality of the Nevada law: Did you know that currently, horses who are taken in by the Animal Control of many NV counties and who are not adopted out, eventually become property of the NV Deptartment of Agriculture and are then legally sold for slaughter?  Sadly, this is a reality and we think that this goes against everything that an Animal Control agency should stand for. NV is what we call a "Livestock" state, horses are currently considered livestock just like cattle. Shiloh has asked for these homeless horses to be humanly euthanised by the AC, but while they remain classified as livestock, this won't happen

Please help concerned horse people all over the country put a stop to horse abuse.



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