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Shiloh is a Federally Recognized 501(c)(3) Non Profit, Tax ID # 20-5665871
Donations are tax deductable and you will be sent a receipt for your records.

*NOTE: Due to the economy and rising hay prices, Shiloh is not currently taking in any horses or attending feedlots or auctions. We will attend auctions in the future, but for now we have to remain responsible to the many horses already in the rescue.

Please consider donating to our Feed Fairy program to help the horses who have already been rescued.
Thank you!


As of 12/10/12, there $2525.00* in our Slaughter Fund.

Next Auction/Feedlot save: TBD


Checks can be mailed to:

Shiloh Charitable Trust 
777 East Quartz #9005, Sandy Valley, NV 89019

Please make checks payable to "The Shiloh Charitable Trust"

Before donating to any charity, know your Donor Bill of Rights.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of these donations will go directly toward buying a slaughter bound horse from the slaughter auction or off of the slaughter feedlot.

The money will remain in this Paypal account until the next auction, when it will be withdrawn or transferred and put toward paying Shiloh's auction bill or the feedlot contact. Shiloh has been known to buy a slaughter bound horse for as little as $7.00, so any amount truly does make a difference!

Slaughter Rescue 1

Horses and Burros crammed into a small pen at the auction. There were 10 in this one pen, most shaking with fear. Most of them went to the Killer Buyer.  


8/13/10 Three Fallon Feedlot horses: We used $685.00 from this Fund to rescue three slaughter bound horses off of the Fallon, NV feedlot. We paid a total of $1200.00 for all three. 

7/8/10 Five Fallon Feedlot Horses, we used the $740.00 that was in this Fund and paid a total of $2025.00 for all five horses. 

6/18/10 Four Fallon Feedlot Horses and a Burro. We paid a total of $705.00 from the Slaughter Fund.

4/1/10 Six Fallon Feedlot Horses  (one pregnant). We paid a total of $1800.00 for these six horses.

Fallon Feedlot 8 Horses 1/29/10 We paid a total of $1750.00 for the 8 horses. 

Fallon Feedlot group #2 12/30/09 Mare and newborn foal ($375), Older paint gelding ($350), TB gelding ($350), weanling filly ($90), One eyed palomino mare ($270), palomino mare ($350), Saddlebred gelding ($255), Appy pony ($150). Used $710.00 from Fund remaining from Shiloh's account.

Fallon Feedlot- 9 Horses 12/18/09 (We paid a total of $1975.00 for all nine horses- TB mare $350, TB gelding $300, paint camp horse $350, Sorrel camp horse $350, older paint camp horse $125, Mare and foal pair $250, Mare and Foal pair #2 $250. We used the $1600.00 in the Slaughter Fund plus another $360.00 from Shiloh's account to save them.)

Fallon Feedlot- 6 Horses 11/7/09

The Cedar City, Utah auction 9/3/09

2/21/09 Shiloh attended the Fallon Nevada auction where we rescued 12 horses. Rocky Road ($275), Bombay ($500), Chestnut QH gelding ($350), Rugrat ($300), Chaestnut QH gelding ($225), Kerkorian ($125), Black Feather ($225), Dk Bay Gelding ($300), Scrappy ($75), Paint Stallion ($275), Domingo ($350) for a total of $3275.00 spent for all 12 horses. We used the $3238.74 that was in the Fund. 

6/21/08 We saved 11 horses from the Fallon, NV auction. We spent all of the $2,000.00 from the fund and another $1,000 from Shiloh to save all 11. The auction prices ranged from $175.00-$400.00.

5/17/08 We used the $1300 in the SF to rescue 8 horses for a total of $1823.77. (Shaggy $25, Charmin $230, Slewus $240, Larceny $225, Six $225, Mendoza $80, Pepperoni $175, Steal $325)

UPDATE: 11/3/07 Shiloh used the SF to save nine slaughter bound horses at two auctions in CA. The total for all nine horses was $1440.00. (TB Gelding $200, TB gelding $100.00, Booty $200, Traveler $200, TB mare $160, Sunset $170, Ditto $300, Arson $100, Hallelujah $10.00)

UPDATE: 10/20/07 Shiloh used $747.00 from this fund to save four slaughter bound horses in CA. Maverick $300.00, Good Grief $25.00, Apache $230.00, and Magnolia $150.00 plus overnight fees to keep the horses at the auction yard for a few days until we could come back to pick them up.

UPDATE: 10/4/07 Shiloh used $1135.00 from the Slaughter Fund to save 7 horses at the Cedar City auction.

UPDATE: 9/6/07 Shiloh rescued two horses from the Cedar City, Utah auction. We spent $337.95 for both, Reebok was $219.45 (21 cents per pound) and Jazz cost $118.50 (15 cents per pound).

UPDATE: 7/20/07 $1970.00 was raised by the FOBs to help Shiloh and Angel Acres save horses at the New Holland, PA sale on July 16th. Together we saved 10 horses- 8 for Shiloh, 2 for AA. The prices ranged from $275-$575, 6 of the horses bought directly from the kill pen, the others at auction.

UPDATE: 7/2/07 We are currently collecting donations for the Fallon Feedlot horses- 4th of July Rescue on TWR. These funds are being kept seperate from Shiloh's personal Slaughter Fund. The total amount collected so far will be posted on TWR regularly! All the horses were saved!

UPDATE: 6/23/07 Shiloh is involved in trying to raise funds to save more feedlot horses from the Fallon, NV feedlot. As 6/26/07 "Fallon Feedlot Fund" $3081.62(NOTE: We have put Shiloh's Personal Slaughter Fund's $576.50 into the feedlot rescue.) Four horses came to Shiloh- four went on to another rescue. 8 Horses total saved.

UPDATE: 4/22/07 NEW RESCUE! THERE ARE 8 WEANLINGS AND 10 MARES WITH FOALS AT THEIR SIDES AT THE FALLON FEEDLOT WAITING TO BE SHIPPED TO SLAUGHTER! We have begun collecting funds to purchase them, we will have more information tomorrow when they arrive at the feeedlot in Fallon. We will then have the exact amount need. UPDATE: We did it- all the horses are saved!

UPDATE 4/20/07 NEW RESCUE! FOALS AT FALLON FEEDLOT! Right now, there are 12 foals, ranging in ages 6-9 months old, waiting for the slaughter trucks to pick them up for slaughter in Canada! Shiloh, other rescues across the country, and the FOB's are trying to raise funds to buy the foals and save them! Any amount helps, 100% of the funds go toward the babies. The full $4400.00 was raised, all 12 foals saved and shipped out to rescues around the country!

UPDATE: 4/18/07 WE DID IT! ALL FIVE FEEDLOT HORSES HAVE BEEN PAID FOR! They are all safe now! Thank you to everyone who donated to save these horses' lives.

4/17/07 "Feedlot Four" Rescue! Four ranch horses at at the Fallon feedlot right now- scheduled to ship to slaughter.
$3155.00 is needed (includes $800 for shipping).
Horses at left are these four feedlot horses. There is another draft cross gelding, no photo yet, but we are trying to save him also. ALL HORSES SAVED IN THIS RESCUE!

New Rescue! 4/12/07 There are two older Mules in the Fallon Feedlot waiting to be picked up for slaughter. Shiloh is trying to raise the needed money to save them and get them to safety at Shiloh. They can come in the same trailer that the "Feedlot Three" are coming in (on Saturday).$715.00 needed to save the two mules! Money was raised!

UPDATE: 4/1/0/70 New Rescue: There are three horses remaining at the Fallon Feedlot. Shiloh is taking at least one of them, other rescues are taking the other two. We will need $1300.00 to save all three!

UPDATE: 4/6/07 New Rescue as of 4/6/07- Feedlot Horses need help! Shiloh is collecting donations to save 5 horses at the Fallon Feedlot. Shiloh will be taking at least two of them, other rescues are taking the rest.

UPDATE: 4/6/07 Shiloh used the Slaughter Fund at the Cedar City auction to buy 5 horses for $1135.00

UPDATE: 2/28/07 Shiloh used the $925.00 from the Slaughter Fund (donated by the FOBs and left over from the last pregnant mare feedlot rescue) to save three more horses from the fallon Feedlot- 2 older mares and an older gelding. The total cost was $2100.00, which included the cost of the three horses and $600 for shipping them to Shiloh from Fallon.

UPDATE: 3/29/07 Shiloh will be saving more horses at the Cedar City auction in Utah on Thursday, April 5th. Slaughter has been halted in Texas and Illionois and horses are now being bought and shipped to slaughter in MEXICO! Mexico is sickening in it's cruelty to the slaughter bound horses- we need to save as many as we can! We need to get the Slaughter Bill passed!

UPDATE: 3/25/07 Shiloh used the remianing $3570.40 to rescue two draft mares out of the Fallon Feedlot before the shipped to slaughter. Both mares, Essex the Shire, and Tudor the Percheron, are heavily pregnant! They will now be able to have their babies in safety.

UPDATE: 2/24/07 Shiloh used $1,512.00 from this fund to save horses off of the Fallon Feedlot and ship them to Shiloh. $856.50 was donated by The Hillcrest Academy fourth grade class and The Hartley Family. This amount was used to purchase Una and Ghost, and to ship those two plus the Palomino filly to Shiloh. The total for the purchase of the horses was $712.00, the shipping cost $800.00. Shiloh used the donated money plus $655.50 from the Slaughter Fund.


Thank you to all our Slaughter Fund contributers! You are truly saving lives! 





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