The Shiloh Charitable Trust

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 Tax ID # 20-5665871
Shiloh is a Federally Recognized 501(c)(3) Non- Profit

Donations are tax deductable!

Before donating to any charity, know your Donor Bill of Rights

The Shiloh Charitable Trust 
777 East Quartz #9005 
Sandy Valley, NV 89019

Please make checks payable to "The Shiloh Charitable Trust"

The money donated to this fund will be used soley for the care and feeding of the horses that are already in Shiloh's Rescue or Sanctuary, and the New Arrivals to the Rescue.

The money will be used to buy bags of feed, hay, winter blankets, medications, supplies, Farrier and Vet care, and more. Even $5.00 makes a difference to a rescued horse!

It takes a great deal of money to run Shiloh Horse Rescue! 







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