On December 16th 2012 we had two new unexpected arrivals to the rescue.

It is a long and complicated story. On his way to pick up a load of hay cubes, Diego passed a truck and trailer hauling two horses along the dirt road. Diego arrived at the hay farm and was getting loaded up when the same truck and trailer pulled in- this time WITHOUT the two horses. He immediately called Shiloh and and Shiloh crew jumped in the truck and headed out to confront the driver.

Of course, he denied that the horses were his and that he had dumped them, even though all of the evidence pointed to the contrary.

The Shiloh crew took photos and information from the driver as we will be contacting Animal Control.

After the confrontation, Shiloh loaded up the two horses, and took them back to the rescue and safety.


12/30/12 Indy is doing well and beginning to put on some weight. He is kind and gentle and in time we are hoping highly adoptable.

01/19/13 Indy is really filling out. He has now begun to be worked with for adoption...

01/30/13 Arturo was riding Indy today, and he is very laid back and extremely sweet and kind. Even though he is young, he is obviously broke and has good manners under saddle. We are now putting him up for adoption to a new home.

INDY is looking for a new home. Please go HERE for more adoption information.



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