What Does Shiloh Do?

The Shiloh Charitable Trust
Tax ID # 20-5665871

Shiloh is a Federally Recognized 501(c)(3) Non- Profit

Shiloh rescues abused, unwanted, neglected, and slaughter bound horses of all types.
We attend slaughter auctions and rescue horses from the killer buyers, bring the horses home to Shiloh Ranch, rehabilitate, and adopt them out to new homes.

Shiloh horses make wonderful first, family, child, show, trail, and pleasure horses. Our rescued Thoroughbreds make great Hunter/Jumpers and Three Day Event horses, and will also excell in almost any discipline.

A basic belief at Shiloh is that all horses, regardless of age or lameness and health problems, have worth and value and can enjoy second chances at a new life. Even horses with special needs can feel the warm sun on their back, appreciate kind hands, and hang out with their pasture mates.

St. Francis at Shiloh

(St. Francis at Shiloh)


Jericho, the victim of starvation by his previous owner, arrived at Shiloh through the Clark County Animal Control.


I saw you today as we passed by on the old Vegas road.
Jill driving down the road, with a friend,
and the Shiloh Horse Rescue trailer in tow.

A prayer I prayed for you this day
because I knew just what it meant.
Someone is going to a home, vet,
or be rescued by an angel Heaven sent.

Let no harm come blessed Lord to these ones as they go
for they are doing Thy Will and bringing the Peace called Shiloh.

-Written by Jan Mour, a Shiloh Supporter


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