September 2013

Our Senior Angel Horses 

These wonderful horses are available for our Guardian Angel and Cherub Program.

Guardian Angels:$60.00 per month

Cherubs: $30.00 per month
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Shiloh thanks all of our Senior Horse Guardian Angels and Cherubs! Thank you for helping us support these very special horses in their Golden Years.

Does your favorite senior already have wings this month? We encourage multiple Angels for each horse- the extra goes toward improving the senior pastures and providing medical care through our Halo Medical Fund- which benefits all of the horses in our programs.

GA Austin wings        GA Dunny Wings  
Karen Giampaolo October-December 2013    Jill and Todd Weber May 2013-May 2014

GA Hawkeye BOA        GA jiggs cherub 
        Carol Smith October 2013                                  Joanie Elston October 2013
       Mary Sinclair October 2013

ga godspeed boa        ga poker boa
                    Debbie and Chrisy Awtonomow May 2012-May 2013

GA GG wings        GA ciento wings
      Cindy Roragen October 2013                            Shannon Guinn October 2013

GA Kelso wings       
          Donna Daily October 2013                
GA sundance wings        GA shamrock wings
 Ann Weber August 2013- August 2014        Karen Giampaolo Oct- Dec 2013
GA Levi wings       GA Yep wings
 Yvonne Boland Cherub August-Oct 2013                Cindy Smith October 2013

ga eden BOA       GA sully 2 cherubs
 Alaana Wood August-November 2013                Bonnie McCabe October 2013
      Georgie Gray October 2013 

ga roy wings     ga frisco wings
       Sueann Butler October 2013                           Thea Hynes October 2013
GA rusty wings  
Suzi Demauro Oct 2013




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