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 So far, we have raised $250.00 for the Tractor Fund

(Our Goal: $5,000.00- all donations are tax deductible)

We have an oppurtunity to purchase a badly needed 2005 Caterpillar 420D Backhoe Loader Tractor. It is used but in excellent and maintained condition from Cashman Equipment Company located in Henderson, NV.


New, these tractors sell for over $100,000.00, we are able to buy this one for $25,000.00. While that is still a huge amount of money it is a very good deal for us. The company (Cashman Equipment) will be donating 10-15% of this cost back to Shiloh and Jill will be personally donating the majority of the money but we are looking to raise $5,000.00 in the next two months to help offset the cost. We made our first payment of $12,500.00 on January 11, 2012. Our second payment is due the beginning of February, 2012.

This same USED tractor can be bought for well over $55,000.00 so we REALLY appreciate Cashman Equipment in Henderson for offering Shiloh such a great deal! Thank you also to Shiloh's Equipment Manager, Dave Hickey, for arranging it!

This tractor will allow us to really make Shiloh be the place that it should be- it will help us greatly with cleaning, grading, buliding and maintaining the property as a safe and comfortable place for all of the animals who call Shiloh home. 

Thank you to our generous Tractor Sponsors:

Dr. David and Julie Vanden Berg





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