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Next hay delivery approx January 30, 2012.

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Shiloh currently feeds two large bales per day, that is one ton of hay per day. We feed the large bales because they are cheaper than the small bales and hay is our biggest expense by far. So, to help us with this huge expense, we are looking for Hay Sponsors. One hundred percent of the donations goes directly to purchase our hay loads. 

Our hay costs approx $260.00-$280.00 per ton, the price does change a bit depending on hay and gas prices but it is within these numbers. (Note: Shiloh also has boarded horses and other personally owned horses living on Shiloh Ranch. The boarded and personal horses are kept separate from ALL donations to Shiloh. A separate check from another ranch business bank account is used to purchase their portion of the hay load. I have subtracted their hay cost from the rescued horses' hay cost- all donations ONLY go to feed the Shiloh Rescue Horses.)

At one ton per day that is a cost of approx $200.00 per day to feed the rescue horses.

Hay Sponsors can donate for a portion of a day's feeding or for the entire day's hay. All Sponsors will receive a tax deductable receipt from The Shiloh Charitable Trust.

Full Day's Hay: $200.00 Donation

3/4 Day's Hay: $150.00 Donation

1/2 Day's Hay (one full bale): $100.00 Donation

1/4 Day's Hay: $50.00  

How to Donate:

Credit card Donations through Paypal:


Checks or Money Orders can be mailed to Shiloh at: Shiloh Charitable Trust, 2417 Hardin Ridge, Henderson, NV 89052.

Thank you to all of our Hay Sponsors!



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