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About Bowie

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Horse
  • Current Age: 21 Years 8 Months (best estimate)
  • Location: Hospice


8/17/13 We have added Bowie to our Adoptable list- he is fat and healthy and needs a "job" and more attention. He was hopped on today for the first time in quite a while and he was excellent. Spooked a bit at some rocks (but got over it) and then headed out on a trail ride. Showed excellent manners, even though he is rusty. We will continue to work with him until his home comes along. A nice looking tall gelding.  

03/08/13 Bowie and Woody eating their hay in Okay Corral.

09.20.11 Bowie is looking very good, happy and fat and soon ready to look for a new home.

6/2/10 Bowie is back at Shiloh where we will re-evaluate him very soon. He is nice and fat, but needs a refresher course in ground manners. More info to come!

Bowie is a tall gelding who was rescued from slaughter. He is currently thin and needs to gain weight.

UPDATE: 1/23/06 Bowie has really gained back his weight and will be evaluated for adoption to a new home next month. He is sound and now healthy.

Horse Evaluation:

Disposition: Friendly and interested, likes attention. Dominant horse in pasture. Will kick out at other horses. When he first arrived he acted (threatened) to kick out at people, but has since stopped with firm disciplne. (Probably got away with too much with previous owner/handler.)

Grooming: Ticklish on his flanks, prefers soft grooming.

Picking up feet: good on all four feet. Picks them up easily.

Catching/Haltering: Good, comes right up to people and will follow person in pasture.

Leading: Good, no problems.

Tacking up: "Cinchy" with the girth, acts like he wants to kick out when tightening girth. Once he is disciplined, he stops and is good. Attitude will improve with regular discipline.

Round Penning: Good, likes to go. Will stop and turn and come up to person to be caught and handled.

Mounting/Dismounting: No problems. Is good with a mounting block.

Walk/Trot/Canter (Lope): Slow, takes alot of leg. Does not act out if lightly kicked to get moving. Seems to like being ridden. Has spunk and may play around, but seems to know aids. It's possible he has had some Dressage training, moves off of direct rein and leg. Will do best with a confident rider to keep him in line.

Trailering: Good, hops into our two horse slant load.


Vices: May kick out at other horses, has threatened to kick out at people.

UPDATE: 7/18/06 Happy news as Bowie is adopted by Jeff and Shirley of Las Vegas! Bowie joins former Shiloh horses, Pebble and Cascade, in his new home! Happy Trails, Bowie!

Other Pictures of Bowie (click to see larger version):

Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie
Bowie Bowie



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