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Shiloh Samaritan and Pasture Pals Sponsorship Program

The following horses are looking for sponsors, either through our Guardian Angels, Pasture Pals or  our Samaritan Sponsorship Programs. 

It will be noted on each horse's webpage which sponsorship program that horse is eligible for, just click on the corresponding donation link to donate online using Paypal.

Checks* can be mailed to:
Shiloh Charitable Trust, 777 East Quartz Ave #9005, Sandy Valley, NV 89019.
* Please note on your check's memo line which horse you are sponsoring.

Sponsors will be emailed an updated photo of the sponsored horse each week!

Each horse in the rescue costs Shiloh an average of $130.00 per month.

The Samaritan Program benefits particular horses that due to medical, behavioral or special needs require higher maintenance. A Samaritan Horse full sponsorship is $100.00 per month and will be listed as such, but any donation amount is welcome toward a particular horse through our Pasture Pal Donation Program.   


Pasture Pals are a donation in any denomination to a particular horse. Any amount is welcome but a recomended Pasture Pal donation is $25.00, $50.00, etc. 

Pasture Pals


Interested in setting up an automatic monthly donation? Subscribe here:
Sponsorship Options

Status: Sponsorship
Breed: Welsh Pony
Species/Sex: Pony/Male

Description: Please consider donating here to become Levi's Guardian Angel or Cherub: 4/19/14 Levi is doing well, he did have to be laid down for his last hoof trim as he has a hard time holding his compromised leg up. But, he is staying happy and healthy in a pen with GG, our blind pony.8/4/13 Levi i... Click for more information...

Pokie Dot
Pokie Dot
Status: Sponsorship
Breed: Pony of Americas
Species/Sex: Pony/Female

Description: 8/16/13 Pokie Dot is doing well and is currently in our Bungalow area with her BFF mini mule Huckleberry.11/17/12 Wandering one eyed pony, Pokie Dot, soaking up some of the warm sun after a cold night...03/24/12 Wandering pony, Pokie Dot, shares some hay with the Bungalow horses. But, Fame has gotte... Click for more information...

Status: Sponsorship
Breed: Paint
Species/Sex: Pony/Male

Description: 03/11/13 Trigger out and about finding hay that has been blown away from the barn...11/17/12 Wandering pony Trigger, looking very fuzzy! 09/04/12 Wanderer Trigger has decided to spend some time in Okay Corral. We don't know why he chose to go in one day at feeding time- but he did and now he doesn't... Click for more information...



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